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Byooti is a beauty brand co-founded by two sisters, Naomi and Chinyere, which specialises in providing all the goodies needed for natural/relaxed hair and the skin.

As well as being an online shop, they regularly have pop-up shops in various locations, where I was fortunate to purchase Byooti's own hand boiled 100% Jamaican Black Castor Oil; £8.99.

Whilst I can admit I am a bit of a product junkie, I do take careful consideration when it comes to what products I am spending my hard-earned cash on. As a naturalista, one of the most important aspects of a product is… the ingredients.

Unlike other JBCO products I've used, Byooti's only ingredient is Ricinus communis, the plant in which the castor oil is extracted by means of pressing the ripe seeds.

Farmed and sent from Jamaica, this JBCO is clearly raw due to the thickness of this oil. Initially, I would pour some in my hands to use for the oil appliance (for my hair and scalp) whilst doing the LCO method. However, I realised the heaviness of the oil wasn't helping my low porosity hair as the oils would just rest on the hair, instead of absorbing into the hair shafts, causing product build-up (a struggle I currently have). Therefore, I decided to mix the JBCO with two lighter oils (Almond and Grapeseed) in an applicator bottle, which will also help the oils go directly onto the scalp, as well as the hair. Despite being a heavy oil, Castor Oil has been a lifesaver for my edges which are starting to grow back, after my shape-up at the barbers.

Additionally, the philanthropic nature of the sisters, through their brand, is clearly expressed with the 'Pay It Forward' range. Essentially, 10% of the products bought within that range (shown using the logo below) goes towards another organisation, 'Simon Education', which provides an African-Caribbean child support with Mathematics and English for a term – using only £180.

I recommend Byooti for anyone who is in need for hair and skin products from a brand which advocates for providing education to young black children. For this product specifically, the tree-hugging naturalistas would love that a great aspect of the product which demonstrates its authenticity is the aroma of the oil. Without exaggerating, it smells like a forest. It literally reminds me of tree trunks. And it's actually pleasant! Indicating that no other chemicals or perfumes were included. I definitely intend to shop with them again in the future!


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