Book of the Month: ‘Shameful Karma 2: My Best Friend’s Husband

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Book of the Month: Shameful Karma 2: My Best Friend's Husband

Author: Iliyah Berry

Publisher: Blazing Pages Publications

Price: £2.29

Format: Kindle E-Book

Page Number: 207

'Shameful Karma 2: My Best Friend's Husband' is the second book in the 'Shameful Karma' trilogy by Iliyah Berry, continuing the telling of the life of Savannah and the opportunities that arise for her to enact revenge against those who harmed her in the past. The introduction, clearly, was a continuation from where the first book left off, which seemed logical to me, as it provided me with some curiosity as to how Savannah, the protagonist, is going to enact her revenge against those who wronged her.

Generally, the theme of revenge is present in the book, as we are met with the reasons for her vendetta against Kendra. Through the use of a first person narrative, the reader is able to have insight on Savannah's thoughts, including her very ignorant opinions, in some occasions. As a protagonist, Savannah depicts her many struggles in such a manner that her seeking of revenge is justifiable, however, her interactions with the people she despises brings to light the overbearing nature of her character; making me question how reliable of a narrator she is for this narrative.

In comparison to the previous book in this trilogy, I consider this story to be a better read in terms of this book being more of a bildungsroman. The reader is able to witness her growth from a woman who was obsessed with those who wronged her, to becoming a character who solely focused on bettering herself. Additionally, the inclusion of side characters (who were actually relevant to the overall plot!) added some sauce to the main conflict with certain characters.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this story as I was able to experience the progression of Savannah's character from the first book, where she begins to plot her revenge, up to the current situation in which she seems to be anticipating the opportunities she will encounter her future… aka the next book. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in a quick read of a narrative which surrounds the theme of revenge against a lover (amongst other relations). Although I prefer this book to the first, I definitely recommend you check that out first as it truly acts as a very extended prologue that is needed to understand this part of the 'Shameful Karma' trilogy.



Favourite Quote?

Revenge was about to be the sweetest joy next to getting some good dick.

If you have any recommendations for us to read, then let me know! Comment below, and I'll check it out!


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