‘Queens of Africa’

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Queens of Africa is a brand, which focuses on the representation of, as the name suggests, queens of Africa – African women who have influenced the lives of many people in the many countries in my home continent.

I was lucky to receive the Queens of Africa 2017 calendar (£10) and the Queens of Africa Notebook (£5) as Christmas gifts, so I’m unaware of the delivery speed, however, I can say that I’m happy with my products. My only concern is that it wasn’t mentioned on the website that the notebook wouldn’t be lined – something that I was expecting. Instead, it is dotted, which may be more suitable for artists, rather than those who prefer writing.

What intrigues me most about the calendar is the fact that each month has an original illustration by Onyinye (owner), and a short summary of the twelve African queens included – one example being Amin, the Hause queen of Zaria (in Northern Nigeria), as shown in the image below.

I recommend this brand for people who not only want to learn about the inspirational black women in African history but want to do so in a creative and practical way.


Author: Ken

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