‘Liquorice Clothing’

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Liquorice Clothing is a brand, which specialises in chokers, with a variety of sizes and styles. The products are available on Ebay and Depop, giving a choice for the consumer, and can also be followed on their Instagram: @LiquoriceClothing.

I recently ordered the Black Faux Leather Snakeskin Choker from Ebay for £4.50, with free delivery. Additionally, I received the Pastel Pink Velvet Chokerwhich was a lovely and appreciated surprise!

I can’t describe how happy I am with the whole transaction. The items came in two days, before the estimated time. I was pleased with the quick and helpful communication with Lyandra (owner), who provided help to fix my broken chain (I got excited, okay!) and was even willing to send another choker to compensate for it – I was able to mend it and we even joked about it. I was very impressed with the packaging, and as a business student, I understand the importance of packaging in marketing. The items were wrapped in gold tissue paper and sealed tightly in a gold envelope. As well as the two chokers, a personalised message from Lyandra was inside, which just made the whole transaction so amiable – a very recommendable method of marketing for sole traders.


definitely recommend this brand to anyone who just needs that certain accessory to boost their look, and is looking for a smooth and pleasant online shopping experience.


Author: Ken

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