To Whom It May Concern: 2017

This is for the brown girls who are not seen for who they really are. For the golden girls who hide their pain with a smile. To the “unknown” golden girl who stares in the mirror convincing herself that she can never love what she sees. To the ‘coco butter’ girls who cry for their father but their cries are never heard. For the strong black independent girls who are mothers. To the black rose girl who thinks perfection will set her free. To the black mystery boy with a hoodie who refuses to come down from his high because he’s afraid to face reality. For the NBA boy with a dream but doesn’t know how to succeed. To the golden boy whose father can never teach him how to be a man. For the Melanin lost boy who convinces himself that he can never be found. To the brown boys and golden girls who feel that their thoughts will remain unspoken because their skin speaks languages that can never be broken this is for you – smile, live carefree. Girls learn to love who you are so you can love what you see. Boys get a good night’s sleep – dream… if only your dreams set yourself up to face reality.

Follow your heart and make a world of your own inside this cold world. Make sure to stay warm cry happy tears for those tears will only show how strong you have grown for those tears will show you have won the battle of broken dreams and misplaced hearts.


Author: TahZane’y

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