My Stretch Marks And Him

This poem was originally written by the talented Fatimah Alao – check out more of her amazing work here.

My fondness of my exterior had expired the day puberty came a knocking.

Puberty had given me a womanhood I had not yet prepared for.

I do not have THE body, the canvas of seduction he lusts so heavily for.

As I unravel my clothed being in his  presence I shudder with the thought,

That my imperfections may alter his perception of the beauty he desires to copulate with.

They may render him most uninterested.

As if I were a man I would ridicule the way puberty had dismembered my innocence and had given me stretch marks as a reminder of the ordeal.

He whispers ‘You are a woman’, ‘Embrace your warrior stripes’

I believe I cannot forgive my body for marking me without my consent.


Author: Fatimah Alao

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