The African Waist

This poem was originally written by the talented Fatimah Alao – check out more of her amazing work here.

I was designed for no ordinary man.

Feast your eyes upon my delicious curves and my lucid hips,
Watch as men rotate in confusion,

They have not yet laid eyes on a wholesome woman before.

Watch as my rhythmic hips dip up and down,
Men know not where to look.

Watch as the mouths of men water,
as the rhythm of my hips sends their souls alit,

Come feast your eyes on an African woman.
Her hips rotate in a motion that lead many men astray.

It is not me,woman,
go fourth and ask the man you call your own.

I have no part to play in his infatuation with a real woman,

he must not have encountered one before.


Author: Fatimah Alao

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